Under the direct supervision of the Honorable Dean of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Assistant Professor Dr. Bashir Shaker Hussein Al-Awadi, and the Honorable Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Mushtaq Abdul Redha Machi, the honorable, the graduation research papers of the distinguished fourth-year students were discussed in a sober scientific atmosphere, where the students were distributed. In advance of the research supervision committees that were prepared by the Graduation Research Projects Committee, who through their guidance made sure that the discussion was scientific and smooth, to direct the students in the right direction and to present the research completely and distinctly, wishing them success and success for all our dear students.

Members of the discussion committee
Prof. Dr. Adel Turki, Chairman
Prof. Qais Saeed, member
Prof. Dr. Hamed Nouri, member


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