Biomechanics Laboratory:

The work in the biomechanics laboratory includes the study of the movement of the athlete, which is performed according to the apparent form of movement, regardless of the abusive force in its events, and this is one of the branches of biomechanics, which is called kinematics. And the second part, the laboratory also provides the possibility of studying the motor performance, that is, by interpreting it in terms of knowing the force that causes it. Thus, the laboratory possesses very advanced techniques in terms of measuring devices, and they are almost the only devices in the universities of the Middle East, including the biosan as a model for that. This is a call for researchers to invest in development and qualitative leaps in measurement methods.

Supplies and equipment available in the physiological and biomechanical laboratory

The (Physio Flow Enduro) device is one of the newly invented noninvasive measurement systems for cardiac monitoring, which provides the user with information about blood movement variables (Homodynamic) using the technique of analyzing the chest’s vital impedance to electric current (Thoracic Electrical Bio impedance – TEB). With high accuracy, the device can evaluate the state of blood movement and ventricular function by calculating more than (15) variables in addition to the electrocardiogram (ECG) signal, and it works with the technology of transmitting and receiving the signal (Bluetooth).

(Fitmate pro) The Fitmate device is one of the most modern mobile devices in the field of measuring fitness adequacy. It is a product provided by the Italian company (Cosmed) of production in the year (2008), and its programming is based on the latest recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Obtaining the following variables from using the device (Fitmate pro)

Resting metabolic rate (RMR).
Body composition (BC).
Personalized weight management program.
Daily nutritional needs.
Maximum oxygen consumption during rest and exertion (VO2 Max).
Muscular fitness.
Flexibility assessment.
Setting fitness goals.
Energy Expenditure during exercise.
Prepare an exercise prescription.

The device for measuring lactic acid in the blood (Lactate Pro) is one of the latest and most accurate portable devices for measuring the concentration of lactic acid in the blood. It is produced by the Japanese company Arkray and requires a drop of capillary blood to be placed on the slide of the device after it has been reset to give the lactic acid concentration in less than one minute. It works with a dry battery.

Lung function test device (sizes and capacities) SPIROMETER) Lung function test device manufactured by the English company BTL works without being connected to the electric current (charging) with direct connection to electricity as it works to measure 41 variables of the lungs with three electronic programs for athletes and non-athletes

Electrocardiogram (ECG) manufactured by the English company BTL works with stationary bike and treadmill during effort

The remote electromyography device (EMG Bluetooth) is one of the latest devices in the field of electromyography, of Canadian origin. It gives variables specific to the electromyography of muscle work through the length and amplitude of the muscle wave, which gives an important indicator in estimating the force achieved by the main working muscles and works with transmitter and reception technology. The signal (Bluetooth) is remote and for a distance of up to (30) metres. It works on four muscles (polar electrodes). It is programmed with the personal computer using a special program. It is a portable mobile device and operates on a dry battery for (8) hours.

Mobile foot scanning device (Foot Scan) Mobile walking device, digital foot scanner (footscan), which is an electronic panel to measure the dynamics of the force exerted by the foot on the ground when running, walking, and standing, and it contains high-frequency digital sensors numbering (4096) sensors in an area (0.5) square meters, and the platform measures the following variables:

The amount of force exerted by a body on the ground is equal to a newton divided by a square centimeter.
Dynamic movement of the foot on the ground.
Measuring the amount of frequencies during the time the foot surface is in contact with the platform (ground) through
High frequency digital sensors.
The device runs on a dry battery and is programmed on a personal computer through a special analysis program with the ability to print reports.
Force measurement platform
Casio EXSLIM camera specifications

A high-speed camera for recording video, up to 1200 frames/second

Screen for displaying photos and movies with an area of 2.8 inches

You can erase clips from the movie or an entire movie

12x telephoto zoom

It has programming for recording film at three speeds

300, 600 and 1200 frames/second

There are three types: 1- SD 2- HD 3- BS, which is the standard, high definition, and best shot.

Slow playback of the movie on the camera or computer screen

A digital camera takes 60 pictures of a single event (this is different from film)

  Characteristics

1- Rechargeable battery

2- Additional card 16 MB

3- Internal flash

4- Manual or programmed photography, according to the desired time period (for example, every 2 or 3 seconds or a minute, as desired).

5- It has four types of sensitivity for taking pictures.

6- Sir, definition of computer, with Wire. With strong sunscreen. with a truck

The Monark exercise bike is one of the most famous products manufactured in the developed world. It is Swedish in origin. The exercise bike is used to evaluate functional equipment in the laboratory, as this bike is subject to international standards in regulating physical loads to detect the training and health status of athletes and non-athletes. With the possibility of connecting other devices while working on the bike, such as (electrocardiogram, lung function measurement, maximum oxygen consumption measurement), the bike is also equipped with a program that can control the regulation of physical loads from the computer, as well as calculate the amount of work done in watts in the Winget test. test. test.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) is an electroencephalogram device that records brain waves (alpha, beta, delta, theta) by sending Bluetooth information to the calculator. It also converts facial expressions in different situations into digital values. Special research can be done in the sports field in specializations. Various types of motor learning

Biosan system

This device works in three dimensions, without a camera, without wires, and with lightweight sensors (13 sensors) that are attached to parts of the body. These sensors send an RF signal at a distance of 20 meters, and save the data in the device’s memory, in addition to measuring weight and the distribution of pressure under the feet. Provides real-time animations with calculations of angles, velocity and occupancy. This device is the first in scientific advancement technology to evaluate functional biomechanics (FAB). The sensors contain a system that integrates speed and the Earth’s gravitational field, and allows for the detection of angular displacement of parts of the body biomechanically. This device displays and calculates kinematic and kinematic data in real time with motion pictures of the body and provides models. Selected schematic.

Device functions:

Data for body angles
Power data
Data for moments
Pressure under the foot
Weight under foot

The program accompanying the device allows you to display the movement and save it to re-display it later. Data for all variables are sent to the “Excel” program for statistical analysis and processing. The device works for 12 hours after an 8-hour charge. The device consists of 13 sensors weighing 6 grams with a tape for attaching it around parts of the body above or under clothing: including the head, upper and lower arm, chest, thigh and leg, as well as a sensor under the feet.

Hand Stress (Monark) The Swedish-made Monark exercise bike for the arms is used to perform functional and physical tests for aerobic and anaerobic capabilities. It allows for more specialized tests for activities that use the arms, such as boxing, wrestling, fencing, gymnastics, and events for people with special needs… etc., as it is possible to regulate the resistance relative to Body weight (5%), and the time the test was performed and the rotation speed are displayed on a small screen. It can be used in the rehabilitation stages for those injured in the arm muscles

A scientific experiment by the respected Assistant Professor Dr. Hisham Hindawi Huwaidi

On June 11, 2015, Assistant Professor Dr. Hisham Hindawi Huwaidi, the respected Dean of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, conducted a scientific experiment on the players of the national team, the advanced category, in table tennis, using the latest mechanical technologies (the Bio-Sun device), in the presence of the respected members of the College Council and under the supervision of Professor Dr. Hussein Mardan and the teacher. Ali Khoman, in the presence of the President of the Table Tennis Sub-Federation, Mr. Salam Hindawi, and many college professors.

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