Mr. Dean of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Praise be to God, who created man and taught him how to express himself. May peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad and his infallible family. We are about to start establishing our new institutions, so we have to base all our actions and plans on future scientific studies and we hold academic programs because of the real-world applications of the results of those studies. Therefore, the success of any academic institution in producing technical staff is certainly not achieved unless there is the availability of all capabilities and facilities starting from the competent teacher to the quality education programs that come with modern global developments and ending with the academic institution to the tools and equipment necessary to ensure the quality of its outputs. Accordingly, the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences always seeks to attract students towards academic excellence and creativity in sports in order to meet the requirements of comprehensive quality assurance and reach the goals we seek by inviting the community to experience physical activities. And hold academic programs for this experience. We are sports science lecturers who are academically committed to contributing to the culture of society by not being exposed to diseases and this is much better for seeking a cure for such diseases. This will not happen unless there is active participation in achieving the college’s goals through the academic and educational programs of its scientific departments, as its educational curricula focus on many applied sciences and sports by expanding the circle of scientific and pure research. Graduate Studies.
O Lord, we beg You to accept our deeds through which we serve You only Your happiness. Our Lord, support us and expand our knowledge

Assistant Professor Dr. Bashir Shaker Hussein Al-Awadi

Dean of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences