A brief overview of the Theoretical Sciences Branch 2017-2018

First: The Theoretical Sciences Branch was established on April 15, 1998, the date of the founding of the college, which supervised all the theoretical sciences lessons as follows .

  • Anatomy
  • Sports medicine
  • Biomechanics
  • psychology
  • Research
  • Motor learning
  • Kinetic analysis
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Sports training
  • Faslja
  • Statistics
  • Tests and measurement
  • Management and Organization
  • Calculators
  • human rights
  • the date
  • Teaching methods
  • Democracy

Second: Objectives of the branch

  • Providing students with knowledge and various theoretical sciences related to physical education sciences .
  • Providing students with the sciences related to athletic achievement .
  • Providing students with science related to games and individual and group activities .

Third: – Planned and implemented research and auxiliary books : –

  • Planned research (66).
  • Research carried out (83).
  • Helping books (3).

Fourth: Conferences – seminars – workshops for teachers .

TTitle of seminars – conferences – workshopInstructor’s name 
1-An introductory workshop on laboratory equipment and fitness equipment at the collegeA.M.D. Mai AliProf. Dr. Hazem MusaProf. Dr. Lazem MuhammadProf. Dr. Rolam MiqdadMD Ali Badawi 
2-Disabled Sports (Paralympic Day)A.M.D. Mai Ali 
3-ResearchMD Ali BadawiM. Alaa Jabbar 
4-( laboratory equipment for physiology and biomechanics )Prof. Dr. Hussein MardanProf. Dr. Abdul-Jabbar SaeedProf. Dr. Hazem MusaA.M.D. Mai AliProf. Dr. Qais SaeedProf. Dr. Ali Hussein HashemProf. Dr. Rolam MiqdadMD Ali Badawi 
5-( Bicycles, races and types )Prof. Dr. Hazem MusaProf. Dr. Ali HusseinProf. Dr. Qais SaeedProf. Dr. Lazem MuhammadProf. Dr. Ahmed Abdel AmirA. M. Alaa Jabbar 
TName of the seminarInstructor’s name  
1-Scientific symposium (training methods in developing physical abilities)Prof. Dr. Ali Hussein HashemProf. Dr. Abdul-Jabbar SaeedA. M. Daqis SaeedProf. Dr. Hazem MusaProf. Dr. Ali MahdiProf. Dr. Lazem MuhammadM.D. Kholy Saleh   
2-Legal seminar (university service)Prof. Dr. Abdul-Jabbar SaeedProf. Dr. Adel TurkiProf. Dr. Ali Hussein HashemProf. Dr. Hazem WasiProf. Dr. Lazem MuhammadProf. Dr. Qais SaeedA.M.D. Mai AliMD Ali BadawiM.D. Kholy SalehM. Alaa Jabbar 
TConference nameInstructor’s name 
1-Conference of the African Society for Mathematical Sciences in TunisiaProf. Dr. Ali Hussein HashemProf. Dr. Ali Mahdi Hadi 
2-Mathematical Sciences Conference in MalaysiaProf. Dr. Lazem Muhammad Abbas 
3-Mathematical Sciences Conference in TürkiyeProf. Dr. Adel Turki Hassan 
4-Conference of Training Sciences and Sports Physiology in BasraProf. Dr. Hussein MardanProf. Dr. Ali Hussein HashemProf. Dr. Lazem Muhammad AbbasProfessor Qais Saeed DayemProf. Dr. Rahim Ruwaih Habib 

 Names of branch heads 

Tthe nameFrom the date ofTo date
1-Dr.. Saleh Blish Watermelon12/21/19989/10/2001
2-Dr. Abdul-Jabbar Saeed Mohsen9/10/20011/7/2003
3-Dr.. Ali Salloum Jawad1/7/20037/13/2006
4-Aqeel Muslim Abdul Hussein7/13/20069/8/2009
5-Dr. Salam Jabbar Saheb9/8/200910/10/2010
6-Dr.. Mai Ali Aziz10/10/201011/11/2012
7-Dr. Ali Hussein Hashem
Prof. Dr. Lazem Muhammad Abbas
Prof. Dr. Hazem Musa Obaid
8-Prof. Dr. Ali Badawi Tabor  

 Head of the Theoretical Sciences Branch Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Bidawi Tabor

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