Names of the heads of the team games branch

Tthe nameFrom the date ofTo date
1Dr. Hussein Mardan Omar12/21/19984/19/2004
2Dr.. Aqeel Muslim Abdul Hussein4/19/20047/13/2006
3Dr.. Ahmed Abdel Zahra7/13/200610/10/2010
4A.M. Alaa Jabbar Abboud10/10/2010
Dr. Asaad Adnan Aziz
D. _ Peace be upon you, sir
Dr. Raafat Abdel Hadi
11/20/2012201420172014 2017    
8-a. Ali Khouman Alwan
9-Prof. Asaad Ali Safih

A list of the names of teachers in the team games branch

TTitleThe name is in ArabicSpecializationName in Englishamylmobile number
1Mr. DrAsaad Adnan AzizFaslja – VolleyballAsaad Adnan AzeezAsaad_adnan2008@yahoo.com07802468306
2Mr. DrAhmed Abdel Zahra AbdullahFaslja – HandballAhmed Abdulzhera AbdullahDr.ahmed 1971@yahoo.com07801156081
3Mr. DrPeace be upon you, sirTests – FootballSalam Jabbar SahibSalamcoa@yahoo.com07808311338
4Mr. DrFalah Hassan AbdullahFasalja – BasketballFalah Hassan AbdullahFfhn79@yahoo.com07809784344
5A.M.DAtheer Abdullah HusseinTraining – handballAtheer Abdullah HusseinAlaa_atheer2002@yahoo.com07711185621
6A.M.DQasim Muhammad AbbasBiomechanics – BasketballKaim M. AbasDream_shaho@yahoo.com07801210647
7A.M.DRiyad Jumaa HassanDisabled people – basketballRiyadh Jomma HassanDr.riad2011@yahoo.com07801156091
8A.M.DRaafat Abdel Hadi KazemPsychology – FootballRaafatAbdulhadiKadhimaalkroy@yahoo.com07801708874
9A.M.DBright Aziz TanishTraining – handballMushreq Aziz Tunashmu_ma2003@yahoo.com07805966499
10A.M.DBashir Shaker HusseinFaslja – VolleyballBashir Shakir HussenBasheershaker03@gmail.com07801372779
11A.M.DHazem Ali GhazivolleyballHazem Ali GhazeeHa.alkaldiee@yahoo.com07808054409
12A.M.DHaider Karim SaeedsoccerHaider Kareem saidHaider-sport-2012@yahoo.com07812533265
13MotherAli Khouman AlwanhandballAli KhomanAlwona_with_teare@yahoo.com07810994994
14M.DHossam Hussein MutnashvolleyballHussam Hussein mtanshHussam.mtansh@yahoo.com07810269393
15MAli Yacoub YoussefFutsal footballAli Yaqoob YousifAli-yousf78@yholl.com07801234091
16millimeterHassan Abdel Hadi LahimsFutsal footballHasan AboulhadiLhemush.lhemus@yahoo.com07801182492
17M.DMuhannad Yasser DayekhsoccerMohanad Yassir DyekhAlawadim@gmail07800676530
18M.DDiaa Thamer MatarbasketballDehaa ‘ thamermutarSS-sport2010@yahoo.com07813770019
19millimeterNoman Karim Abdul HusseinhandballNoaman Kareem AbdulhusseinHajenuman@yahoo.com07807661331
20millimeterAkram Abdel HusseinhandballAkramAbdulhusseinChyadakram.201080@yahoo.com07810101583
21M.DTrustworthy Muhammad AbdullahsoccerWathik Mohammed AbdullahWathik_www@yahoo.com07801070148
22M.DFayez HassanbasketballFayes Hassan Abdul Sadafayessport@mhaa.com07808279843
23M.DAhmed Fahim NaghishFootball hallsAhmed Fahem NegashAhmed.fn8@yahoo.com07810456260
24M.DThamer Hussein KahtbasketballThamer Hussein TKahthamer.hussein@yahoo.com07804063638
25M.DAlaa Kazem ArmoutTests/volleyballAlaaKadhimArmootalaarmot@yahoo.com07808700698

Practical subject vocabulary

1- Volleyball

1The second phaseThe history of volleyball and the development of its laws + features of the game
2Basic elements of volleyball
3Basic volleyball skills
4Preparation includes (individual technique + common mistakes)
5Receiving the serve with the arms (individual technique + common mistakes)
6Serving skill (individual technique + common errors)
7Crushing hit (individual technique + common mistakes)
8Block wall (individual technique + common mistakes)
9Defending the field (individual technique + common mistakes)
1third levelPlans
2Collective offensive plans, defensive offensive plans
3Planning in training
4General preparation, private preparation
5International volleyball law
6Equipment and tools
8Pitch shape
9Playing movements
10Stops and delays
11Free defensive player
12Behavior of participants
13Governance and its responsibilities
1The fourth stageTraining
2The role of the volleyball coach
3The coach as an administrator
4The coach as an educator
5Lead the team in matches
6Long-term training
7Basic training stage
8Constructive training
9Training phase for completion
10Methods of organization in the training process
11Preparing the daily lesson
12Training courses
13Types of plans
14Offensive plans, formations and types
15Defensive plans
16Serving defense formations
17Blocking and defending formations on the field
18General plans
19Choose two halves of the field
20Switch players
21Slow down and speed up the game
22Play rebound ball

2- Basketball

1The first stageHistory of the game
2Basic offensive principles
3Defensive basic principles
1The second phaseInternational basketball law
2Defensive tactical approach
3Defending the area (formations + advantages + disadvantages)
4Man-to-Man Defense (Formations + Advantages + Disadvantages)
5Offensive tactical approach
6Fast attack
1The fourth stageTeam defense
2Defending the area with its formations
3Defending man to man with his formations
4Mixed defense with its formations
5Team attack
6Organized attack
7Fast attack
8Match analysis
9Team preparation methods
10Basketball training units
11Different attacking formations
12Basketball tryouts
13Team leadership

3- Football

1The first stageA brief history of the game (theoretical)
2Components of football preparation and the relationship between them (theoretical)
3Components of skill preparation
4Basic principles of arbitration
5A historical overview of arbitration
6Law of the Game Articles
1third levelReplay of football law
2Introduction to training curricula
3Physical training methods
4Goalkeeper training
5Nutrition and injury to players
6Distributions and playing cards
7Football defense
8Football attack
9Fixed cases
1The fourth stageBring back the football law
2the exams
4Training juniors
5Training curricula
6Match management
7Team sustainability supplies
8Psychological, mental and educational preparation
9Training methods
10Football plans
11Analysis and exploration

4- Handball

1The second phaseHistory of the game
2Basic motor skills in handball
4International law of handball
1third levelDefense in handball
2Defense stages
3Its types
4Team defense
5Collective defense
6Differential defense and its methods
7Handball attack
8Stages of an individual rapid attack
9Organized group rapid
10End the attack (hack)
11Attack in special cases
12International law of handball
1The fourth stageCollective attack plans
2Practical application of common defense methods
3Offensive applications against different defense methods
4Managing handball matches
5Physical and skill tests for handball players
6Selection of emerging players
7International law of handball
8Match registration form
9Practical applications of regular playing and arbitration

( research plan )

the nameResearchers involved in the researchResearch Title
Prof. Asaad Adnan AzizProf. Dr. Amjad Abdel ZahraThe relationship of some functional indicators among smash players and libero players in volleyball
M.D. Ammar Muthanna /Mr. Ali Jawad KazemA comparative study of some functional indicators between different playing positions in volleyball
M. M. Mukhaled Dhia Abdel RasoulThe effect of competition effort on the concentrations of the most important mineral salts and their relative contribution to the accuracy of some skills for young badminton players
Mr. Ahmed Qasim MuhammadDetermining the level of moral integrity in team management among volleyball coaches from the players’ point of view
Dr. Mashreq Aziz TanishThe effect of taking androgenic steroid hormones and their relative contribution to the level of hormones ( LH, FSH, Testosterone ) and the rate of infertility among bodybuilders.
Dr. Mashreq Aziz Tanish / Dr. Alaa Kazem ArmoutPerformance endurance of the prepared player (lifter) and its relationship to the enzymatic concentration of CPK, ADH and some functional variables in youth volleyball.
Dr. Mashreq Aziz TanishProf. Dr. Lazem Muhammad Abbas / Prof. Dr. Ali AtshanClassification according to some special physical abilities, composite skill performance, and physical measurements of basketball players
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Zahra / Prof. Dr. Alaa Kazem ArmoutPredicting skill performance according to the mental processes of handball players (16-17 years old).
Prof. Dr. Lazem Muhammad Abbas / Mushtaq Abdul RedhaBuilding a causal model for basic skills and defensive movements in terms of muscular strength in handball for young men
The effect of competition effort on some of the activities of anaerobic oxidation enzymes and blood acid in advanced handball players
M. M. Muhannad YasserPredicting a causal model for scoring skill performance in terms of the most important bodily, physical, motor and functional measurements for selecting cubs aged (11-12) years
Prediction of a causal model for handling skill performance in terms of the most important bodily, physical, motor and functional measurements for selecting cubs aged (11-12) years
Dr. Haider Karim SaeedAttribution of loss among football players and its relationship to subsequent performance in Iraqi Premier League match results
Time management among coaches of Iraqi Premier League football clubs and its impact on match results
Bullying behavior and its relationship to ego strength among players of Al-Qadisiyah Governorate clubs in youth football
Leadership behavior between reality and ambition among coaches of Iraqi Premier League football clubs from the point of view of the administrative body and coaching staff
M.M. Hossam Hussein Mutnish
Prof. Dr. Hazem Mousa / Prof. Alaa Kazem DoctorThe effect of an educational curriculum using hyper-intermediate media to develop some mental abilities and learn the preparation skill for volleyball beginners aged 10-12 years.
The effect of an educational curriculum using hyper-intermediate media to develop some mental abilities and learn the skill of receiving the serve for volleyball beginners aged 10-12 years.
MD Alaa Kazem Armout
The effect of two different methods on learning the tennis serve skill for second-year female students
Building a physical test battery for pre-school children aged (4-6) years
The effect of a cognitive counseling approach on psychological hesitation and its relationship to the accuracy of performing the smashing skill from the back area
Prof. Dr. Riyad JumaaThe effect of training using a stationary bike on the lower limbs of people with cerebral palsy
Designing and codifying tests for creative motor abilities for people with mild disabilities aged (14-16) years
M.M. Diaa Thamer MatarSome visual abilities and their relationship to the effectiveness of the offensive performance of basketball players
Multiple intelligence and its relationship to the tactical behavior of advanced basketball players
Prof. Dr. Falah Hassan Abdullah
Predicting passing the physical fitness test for football referees according to some physiological variables
The effect of compression stockings and positive rest on the rapid elimination of lactic acid from the blood during the recovery period
The effect of the last calorie on metabolic rate, lactic acid concentration, insulin, and lactic threshold for futsal players.
Dr. Ahmed Fahim Negesh
A comparative study of some elements of physical fitness for football and futsal players
Building and codifying an indoor football scoring skill test
M. M. Hassan Abdel Hadi LahimasM. M. Qasim Lafta BejayA study of the orientation of students of the College of Physical Education towards refereeing sports events
The effect of some suggested small sports games in reducing aggressive behavior among 5-year-old kindergarten children
M. M. Thamer Hussein KahtParental attitudes towards practicing university sports activities for female students
Attitudes of female students at Al-Qadisiyah University towards practicing physical education lessons
M. Hazem Ali GhaziProf. Dr. Mahmoud Daoud Al-RubaieThe effect of the guided discovery method on investing time in the main section of the lesson and learning the skill of receiving the serve with volleyball for fifth grade middle school students
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Daoud Al-RubaieThe effect of the semi-directed discovery method on investing time in the main section of the lesson and learning the skill of defending the court with volleyball for fifth grade middle school students.
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel ZahraThe effect of using a negative energy extraction device on some functional indicators among second-year students in the College of Physical Education for Boys
Mr. Ammar Ali IsmailO2 inhalation on some physiological changes in young long-distance swimmers for the Maysan Governorate national team
Mr. Ammar Ali IsmailA comparative study of increasing and decreasing O2 on some physiological variables among young long-distance swimmers for the Maysan Governorate national team
The effect of skilled physical effort on some physiological and biomechanical variables among handball players
Prof. Dr Salam Jabbar SahibــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــPredicting skill performance in terms of physical and motor measurements through path analysis for junior football players
M. M. Noman Karim Abdel HusseinThe effect of using a programmed educational bag on cognitive and skill-based self-learning of some types of handball shooting
Classification according to mental processes as an influence on the skill performance of handball players
Correcting the calculation of the effectiveness of the attacking players’ performance in the handball game for the 2010 European Nations Championship
Prof. Atheer Abdullah Hussein Al-LamiThe effect of an educational curriculum according to sensory preferences for some defensive skills and the transfer of the effect of vertical learning in handball
The effect of some exercises with assistive tools to develop the speed of motor response to some offensive skills of handball players
The effect of using similar exercises on performance on the level of individual defensive movements
M.D. Raafat Abdel HadiBuilding and codifying a test for the accuracy of the side throw inside the goal area
Building a measure of attraction and psychological harmony for football players
Prof. Dr. Qasim Muhammad AbbasMomentum gained as an effect on the chair’s criticality and its relationship to some kinematic variables for shooting basketball for the disabled
Comparing the values of the force-time function variables when shooting from rotation from different areas of the basketball
The relationship of balance levels to rotation speed and basketball shooting accuracy
M. Ali KhomanBiomechanical feedback according to the immune model and its relationship to the accuracy of aiming forward – high – with the handball
Design a test to measure the motor speed of the arms for handball goalkeepers
The effect of the anaerobic capacity of the arms on the electrical activity of the working muscles and the concentration of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase and lactic acid in the blood of handball players.
The effect of different video viewing times on learning some basic handball skills
Finding the maximum relative oxygen consumption after trimming for athletes of different ages (advanced – junior)
The effect of supplementary exercises on the electrical activity of working muscles and the accuracy of aiming when jumping forward – high for young handball players